Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sunday Stash

Lately I've been good better about limiting my fabric purchases, still looking to finish the year at net zero. Well really, I need to be at net negative 50 yards, but I am a realist and zero sounds better! Although, I found these pictures from summer while cleaning out my photos folder and thought I should share. The image below is all fabric my roommate purchased for me while she was traveling through Paris and Amsterdam this summer. Don't you love that blue dot and the floral? I loved each and every one of them, so pretty. 

Then I couldn't resist getting some of the Modern Background fabrics by Moda. I also couldn't resist that floral on top by Cotton & Steel.

Then I saw this bundle of Kona solids by Emily Cier that I couldn't resist. So, they also got purchased!

Even though these fabrics were technically purchased before my net zero start I am going to count them as a + 10.25 yards.  This puts me at -23.75 yards for the year so far! 

Happy weekend all! 

- Patch & Chels

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Little Baby Girl Quilt

It's official, fall is over. New England is in that dreary season where everything is dormant and isn't covered in snow yet. The world is a depressing shade of gray. The background does nothing to the contrast of this little quilt made for a dear, best friend for her first baby. The collection is Wildflowers from Camelot. 

She was very specific in her request, no pink and not overly girly. Well then, peach it was and although this quilt isn't pink it's still girly (I win). The chartreuse and aqua balance it out to make it less girly, but it's still sweet. I used the Penny Patch pattern from Stitched in Color.  It's been on my to do list for quite sometime and ended up playing well with the colors from this line. I sewed up extra parts and they became bits and pieces for the backing.

Net Zero Update: 

This little quilt used 4.75 yards in total, including the top pieces, binding and pieced backing. Last month I was a net of - 25.25 and I am starting this month down another -4.75 yards, for a total of -30 yards. Yay me!

- Patch & Chels

Saturday, November 7, 2015

HST Quilt Along

Over the last year my guild has been doing a half square quilt along. There are 72 different patterns in all, but I only did 29. Instead of making them 8 inches, I scaled up and did 12 inches instead. This made the quilt come together much faster.  I also went with 1 inch sashing, it worked out perfect! It might just be my new favorite sashing width. Just enough to separate the blocks but not too much that it creates too much white space. 

For fabric I used a fat quarter pack of Gypsy Caravan by Amy Butler. They are not my "typical" colors but I was drawn to the color palette as a whole. For the background I used Kona Bone. The red and blue blocks are my favorite patterns in the bunch.

Over the summer I was at a discount fabric store and spotted some of the line for this quilt. At $4.99 a yard it was going to be the backing! The quilt was originally going to be 5 by 6 blocks but I hated one of the blocks, so the front became 5 by 5, and I used the other four in the backing. It ended up working out perfectly with the yardage I already purchased. 

Check another quilt off my WIP list! Now I can bring this one into my next guild meeting to share/brag to my guild mates this quilt along is done. Next, I just need to get started on my Patchwork City blocks .... 

- Patch & Chels

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pouch Production Line

While pursing Craftsy trying to avoid their sale, I stumbled upon their blog post of 17 Thing Only Quilters Understand, and look what happened to be featured after #13.  Insert loud squeal, it's been so great to have such a great response to my first pattern, thanks everyone for your love and support. 

A while back, after I learned about zippers, I downloaded a bunch of patterns with zippers and this little Lola Pouch was one included. As a retreat project I decided I was going to make 14 of them, in one day. Hahaha, that didn't happen but over a day and a half I did get 12 done, and 2 more just need zippers.  Here is the lot so far.  The pattern comes in two different sizes and this is the smaller size, although I just ordered more zippers to make some larger pouches. 

This was such a good way to use up scraps. I have to admit those two Cotton + Steel prints on the left side are my favorites! 

- Patch & Chels

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Updates: Retreat, Charm Swap, Fabric & Gifts

This post is a little long, but many necessary updates.  First off, this AMAZING bag below was given to me by From Bolt to Beauty.  PB & J is one of her favorite fabric lines, so I was so tickled that she was parting with so much of this yardage. Isn't it just perfect? I cannot wait to stuff it full of notions. I just love it and the inside has dividers, which makes it even better.  Thanks Michelle.

Next off is fabric, so about that -30.25 yards.  Here are the 4.5 yards of Cotton & Steel that I had to order at 20% off.  Already included in that number. 

While at retreat I had to visit the local quilt shop Quilted Threads.  That top print below has a bunch of architectural drawings as the print (how awesome), then some grey linen, and a variety of chambrays. The following shot is a couple more Cotton & Steel prints and a Dear Stella dot. For an additional 5 yards. Make the net zero total now -25.25.  Still in the negatives :) 

While at retreat, Michele and I sorted the charms from our "Tone it Down" low volume swap.  Aren't they so pretty, this round was truly magnificent! All the fabrics are just perfect, especially that little sheep print below. 

These last couple weeks have been hectic at work, and my machine was in this week for it's annual check up. Things have been light on the sewing front. I do have a couple projects to share from retreat, and hopefully by then I will have my machine back for more project completion :) Hope everyone is enjoying an nice safe Halloween. 

-Patch & Chels

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sew Your Scraps: Part III

Well, I am a little late on the peak foliage but you can still see all the essence and beauty of Fall in New England. These were actually photographed last week, so now most of the leaves have fallen and have been attacked and displaced by Dad's turbo rake. 

Dad actually has been very helpful with the quilt photoshoots, he actually came back from helping his friend wire a street lamp to help conquer the fall winds. So thanks Dad for your help! We had a few (so many!) snafus along the way. First off, my camera died after a couple pictures.  So Plan B, use the cell phone. These shots are not bad considering. Lesson learned, always bring an extra battery or charger.

We moved wood cages to new spots, those didn't work and with the phone for the camera I was limited in what I could overlook. Used clothes pins to pin the quilts to the wood cages those went flying in the wind with the quilts. Lets say nothing was right. Good thing the sky was super blue and everything was pretty so I can announce something did look good.

Then Dad brought out the old Jeep for me to display the quilts on. Well, we are now moving in the right direction. I can't drive it, but he will let me drape a couple quilts over it! 

This weekend I am actually enjoying some time away at quilt retreat with the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild. There will be more information to follow once I get some pictures taken and sort through all the shenanigans! 

Net Zero Update: 

Quilt One: One block is equal to one jelly roll strip x 64  - 4.5 yards, 0.5 for binding, and 3.5 yards for backing. Total of 8.5 yards. Quilt Two: The quilt top is 2.75 yards, 0.5 for the binding, and 3.5 yards for the pieced backing. Total 6.75 yards. Now I am at a monthly total of -34.75. I did purchase 4.5 yards of Cotton & Steel on sale at Fat Quarter Shop so that's a grand total of -30.25 yards!

Hope you enjoyed leaf peeping around my parent's house!  

- Patch & Chels

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sew Your Scraps: Part II

Happy scrappy sewing!

Lately, I have been working through my scraps.  The last project (check back to Monday's post) used both 2.5" squares and 6.5" x 2.5" rectangles, and I cut too many rectangles.  Way to many!  From the extras I was able to create a second quilt. This actually worked out perfectly because I never have a blanket or quilt when I go to my boyfriend's place. He has a comforter or the cat's blanket to snuggle with, which is complete nonsense! 

240 - 6.5" x 2.5" rectangles

Sew the rectangles into columns of 15 rectangles, make 8 columns. Then sew the columns together. The quilt top should finish about 48" by 60". This second quilt was super quick and easy to sew up!

Piecing Tip: Just like last quit, when sewing your rows together always grab different colors to place next to one another. Make sure you include a good variety of lights, mediums and darks every 5 rectangles of the row. This will spread out the colors so the quilt will look balance when all the columns are sewn together. For this one you may want to lay out your columns so no two fabrics or similar colors are touching one another. 

This quilt could also be made from one jelly roll (42 strips) by cutting each strip into 6 - 6.5" x 2.5" rectangles. You will have 12 extra parts to play with or you can remove 2 of the strips before cutting.

Check back this weekend to see these two quilts finished up. I'm planning on photographing them up at my parent's house with the foliage :) Should look amazing with all the bold colors in the quilts.

-Patch & Chels